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The book will be carefully delivered to you  in a large size 28 x 28cm

Offset quality - Sewn binding - Around 170 pages - 1,4kg

The origin on the Tsars country

Make a flash back in the history, where everything began, around 400 years ago.
Russia was in the origin of the particular leisure that are the "roller coaster".


-6 pages-


The parisians folies

Do you know that ? France and its capital have played a big place in this leisure developpement. Trough a map of paris in the 19th century, discover the iconic attractions that brings the entertainment after the french revolution.


-12 pages-


The loop !

From where this innovation come from ? Who is his inventor? At the beginning : just an expérience. Today : an inversion shape become emblematic. The first "looping riders" recount, in 1842 !


-8 pages-


The crazy American years !

America, a land of welcome innovations, from the first Gravity Falls Summit Hills to Coney Island Park, retrace the years that have marked the history of the continent.


-8 pages-


The steel tracks !


The possibilities of figures, speed and heights have increased with metallurgy industrial development in the sixties. Relive the bold technical innovations of that time, from the first corkscrews to sophisticated inverted coasters.


-10 pages-


The catapult launch !

Launched, accelerated or catapulted coasters... they are many words to descibe those incredible machines who press you on your seat.

You start from 0 to 240km/h within few seconds...

The technologies secrets are shared, from the first counterweights machines to the linear drives.


-6 pages-

Technical and construction


Whether steel or wooden coasters, manufacturers and engineers compete to knock you down ! Go behind the scenes of the technics: studies, design, erection steps ... also visit "track welders" workshops... and follow the wooden coasters erection guys.


-12 pages-

Acrobatics and styles

Do you know that ? Every kind of track shapel, inversion or loop has an identity and name, like a freeriders language. Discover them and know to recognize during your next thrilling rides.


-10 pages-

Roller coasters worldwide tour

The author shares the best coasters selection in the world. Images photographers,  "riders" lyrics,  layouts sketch, technical data ...
Traveling around the world to find out what to "ride", and where to find them


-76 pages-


Anecdotes, curiosities and unusual events that affected the roller coasters field.


-4 pages-

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